The 5 Finalists for 2022 (in alphabetical order) are:

12 BucketsYear 6 Transition to High School

Expand the Year 6 transition support program at 5 primary schools into Balga & Girrawheen Senior High Schools. This will also include material assistance (stationary, uniform, schoolbooks, lunch, bus passes etc).
In addition, increase the capacity of the 1:1 mentoring program to enable it to continue on a fortnightly basis once they reach high school, supporting at-risk students to identify and resolve solutions to the barriers/challenges that they face during this transition.

Funding covers mostly staff costs for a youth co-ordinator, school liaison officer and youth worker and some resources.

Impacting up to 75 students per year.

Fair GameKimberley Game On! After School Program

In Broome and Kununurra, locally based project officers will build and support a group of local volunteers to run after school sessions for local children. Positive engagement activities to provide a diversion for at- risk local youth at times when other services aren’t available. Will support the development of disengaged and marginalised children and youth through mentoring, sport and recreational activities in a safe environment. Will also strengthen the communities generally.

Funding staff costs, food, equipment, training.

Impacting 200 + children.

Motivation FoundationPlant Upgrade (3.5 tonne Mini Excavator) to support community projects

Assisting disengaged and educationally at-risk young people to become job-ready by building qualifications and life-skills through the use of mentors. Funds will purchase a 3.5 Tonne mini excavator (with an excellent future trade-in deal) which will improve training quality, as well as enabling students to get real-world and useful experience by participating in local community projects. Creates a blueprint for future funders to repeat the deal with other much-needed equipment.

Impact 109 students directly each year plus benefit of $150k per year pro bono to local community.

Thriving in MotionThriving After School, Satellite Service

Improve physical and mental health outcomes through evidence-based exercise programs. Extend existing service to 3 new locations over 18 months: deliver inclusive community-based all-abilities physical activity programs that are flexible and responsive to the needs of young people impacted by physical and/or mental ill health, either 1:1, small or larger group program and tailored to child’s specific health needs.

Funds will cover staff costs, family subsidies, venue hire, promotion and consumables.

To benefit 1600 people.

Trillion TreesSPROUT – Grow the Trillion Trees Schools Pgm

Expand school program: to re-connect the next generation with creating and maintaining a healthy planet, incl educating on the effects of land-clearing, the importance of trees and then propagation, cultivation and planting of native seedlings. Also formalise the program so more volunteers can implement it, reducing key-man risk.
Funding for co-ordinator, travel and transport costs (incl hybrid vehicle), curriculum docs preparation, seeds and propagation materials, promotion.
Enable 20-30 more schools (metro and regional) which will benefit 2000 children/people plus the environment ongoing.