Committee Members for 2019

Simon Bedbrook

Simon is the outgoing Chair of Impact100 WA and a founding committee member. He is also Managing Director of an investment and retirement planning practice, is a Director of the Paraplegic Benefit Fund and is on the State Chapter of the Family Business Association.  Simon has a number of clients who are actively involved in philanthropy via Private Ancillary Funds and was keen to be involved with Impact100 WA as a means to pool funds and make a greater contribution to the WA Community.

James Boyd

James Boyd sourced the Impact100 model from the US and is a founding committee member. He is the State Manager WA & SA of Creative Partnerships Australia, a Commonwealth Government agency encouraging cultural philanthropy. In 2007, he completed the Executive Program for Non-profit Leaders in the Arts at Stanford University in California where he become interested in US models of collaborative philanthropy. A FIA Perpetual Scholarship allowed him to return to California and Washington State in 2011 to interview inspiring founders of a range of collective giving groups, including Impact100 Sonoma. Since then, James has championed the development of collective giving in Australia and, after helping form Impact100WA, assisted new groups form in Fremantle, Melbourne and Adelaide. He believes collaborative giving provides a way we can all participate in powerful philanthropy and will ultimately make us a more generous society.

Paul Chamberlain

Paul is a founding committee member, involved in those very first conversations over a bottle (or two) of red wine! He was born and raised in England where he worked in the tobacco and the life assurance industries. After a year spent travelling he met Sophie in Fiji. Both of them had loved their time in Australia and decided to come back here for a couple of years once they got married. They have now lived in Perth for 25 years and raised their children here. In Australia he has been involved in the automotive and property industries.

An interest in Philanthropy came about through involvement in their family foundation and the belief that the more fortunate of us should help out those who are struggling. He feels that Impact100 WA is a great introduction to philanthropy and a chance for families and friends to get involved in an efficient, targeted grant-making organisation that will benefit this state of ours.

Sophie Chamberlain BA Hons (UWE, UK)

Sophie is one of the founding committee members. She was born in WA but brought up in the UK and returned to Perth in 1994 with Paul to make the most of the West Australian lifestyle. She worked in the IT industry until their 2 children came along and her outlook on life was changed forever. She wants to be able to impact positively on the quality of life in WA today and for the future.

She is a Board Member for the Australian Wildlife Conservancy as well as her family foundation. Through this last, she and Paul can achieve many things but being part of Impact100 WA enables  greater understanding and knowledge of the WA landscape as well as creating opportunities for others to experience the pleasure and satisfaction that comes with philanthropy.

Simone Eley B Comm (UWA), ACA

Simone is a founding committee member and soon-to-be Chair. She was the Western Australian Manager for Australian Philanthropic Services who establish, administer and provide services to Private Ancillary Funds.  She is also Finance Manager with Eley Griffiths Group who are fund managers. Simone is qualified as a Chartered Accountant.  She has worked in accounting, commercial banking, institutional property financing, as a financial analyst and as a business manager for Marsh insurance broking.

Simone is married with 2 children.  She decided to get involved with Impact100 WA as it seemed like an excellent idea, with an enthusiastic and professional group of founders.  She liked the idea of donating, but being part of something a lot bigger and being able to achieve a significant impact with the accumulated donations.  Additionally she was inspired by the idea of being able to see the results of what has been achieved with the donation.

Michael Pyne

Michael has been a donor to Impact100 WA for many years now. He is a Certified Financial Planner with a Bachelor of Commerce and a Graduate Diploma in Financial Planning. Michael is an owner at HPH Solutions, an FPA Professional Practice and a Director of HPH Financial Planning Pty Ltd.

Lucy Westcott

Lucy and her husband have been a long time supporters of Impact100 WA and Lucy has a background in grant-making and assessment. We are delighted that she is supporting the work of our Grants Committee on a regular basis.

New Committee Members for 2019

Emma Bedbrook – stalwart of the Events Committee and leading the way on liaison with grant recipients
Bruce Byrnes – our guide in financial matters for our association
Karen Cheng
– the girl with the graphics, website and social media skills
Gavin Cooke
– successfully managing YoungImpact

Cécile Crochu – the specialist in analysing applicants’ financials

Wendy Scott-Hamilton – our source for philanthropic advice

Past Committee Members

Martin Caplice

Martin is a Tax Controversy Partner at Ernst and Young. We lost him when he relocated back to Sydney.

Sally Everist

Sally describes herself as a Connector. She has worked with and for not for profit organisations helping raise their profile and funds for past 30 years. Sadly, she relocated back to the UK in 2014.

Iris Koornstra Dip M, BA Hons, MA

Iris was one of the founding members of Impact100 WA and was the cornerstone of our Communications activities, as well as helping to start up the YoungImpact100 arm. She has subsequently taken on a board role for our 2015 winner, Sensorium Theatre – a perfect example of ways in which Impact100 WA can make a difference for the smaller not-for-profits in WA.

Loretta MacDonald

Loretta was a committee member at the very beginning and only stepped down in 2016. Previously, she worked with children with special needs, in mainstream and special schools, prior to moving to Sydney with husband Kevin, in 1996. In Sydney, she continued teaching in mainstream schools. Also commenced working with and volunteering for a number of organisations providing support services for the elderly and disadvantaged. Loretta returned to Perth in 2010 to take on the care of elderly parents. Loretta and Kevin have been supporting a variety of Charities for many years. Particular areas of interest include education and support services for the disadvantaged, and support services for the elderly.

Rory Thomson

Rory was one of the founding committee members and was involved in the infamous ‘early discussions’ over a bottle of red wine. He is a director of Wealth Management at Patersons Securities Ltd.

Franca Sala Tenna

Franca heard about Impact 100 in its founding year and was so excited about the idea of collective giving that she became a donor and has loved being involved ever since. Franca is thankful for all the opportunities and all the people that have contributed to her life and sees that she has a responsibility with what she has been given to give back in time, money and the skills she has. Franca has been a part of the Committee since 2015. In her professional life Franca is a lawyer and is the Director of EEO Specialists a training and consulting company that provides innovative training programs for organisations in relation to workplace harassment, discrimination and bullying. Franca is married to Salem and has 2 boys.