How Impact100WA Works

Impact100 WA is a collaborative giving group that pools its donations to make a significant difference in areas of need – proudly started here in Western Australia.

It is a modern take on philanthropy that’s 100% transparent and has 0% admin costs.

It is a simple idea that’s having a big impact – 100 members each give $1,000 and one vote to decide where that $100,000 goes.

100% of all donations go straight to fund transformational grants.

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Impact100 WA Responds to Covid-19

For 2020 only, we modified our approach, providing a larger number of smaller grants within a shorter timeframe and with less restrictions on expenditure.

Read more about why and how our process changed for 2020.

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Latest News

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Online workshop for charities who are applying

Online Workshop for Potential Applicants We are holding an online session of our Workshop for Potential Applicants where we will run through our guidelines and application form, providing hints and …

Our 2021 Grant Round is open!

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Impact100 WA Awareness Day 2021

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