Eligibility Questions

Can we apply if our organisation has been operating for less than 3 years?

Not usually. There may be a chance where the organisation has previously been operating as part of a different entity.

Can we apply if our turnover is under $100,000 or over $5,000,000?

Not usually. The lower limit is to ensure that the organisation is able to, among other things, financially manage a grant of $100,000. The upper limit is because we want the Impact100 WA grants to be transformational which is less likely with a larger, well-established, well-supported organisation.

If we submitted a proposal last year that was not funded, how soon can we resubmit the/another proposal?

You can apply again whenever you want.

If we submitted a proposal last year and were awarded a grant, how soon can we apply again?

In 2024, if your organisation won a $100,000 Primary Grant either in 2020 or the years after, you may NOT yet apply again.

If our organisation is a religious one, can it apply for a grant?

Possibly. A separate tax-exempt charity run by that organisation may be able to apply if the grant is for an initiative where the beneficiaries are not restricted to a particular faith, denomination or religion.

Application Questions

What is the deadline for the initial application?

In 2024 the deadline is 5pm on Thursday 9th May 2024.

How do we submit an application?

Please read and download the documents listed at the bottom of our Grants web page (www.impact100wa.org.au/Grants)

Can we apply under more than one focus area?

No. Each organisation may submit only one application per year.

Can we get guidance on which Focus Area is most appropriate?

Sorry, we do not provide advice about selecting a Focus Area. Each organisation must make that decision for itself. It is up to the applicant to determine the Focus Area that best aligns with the nature of the proposal. The “competition” within each Focus Area will depend on the number and quality of proposals submitted for that area. Because of that, it could be perceived as unfair for Impact100 WA to help an applicant choose a Focus Area.  We recommend you consider which Focus Area best represents the emphasis of your proposal.

Can we get advice on our application before handing it in?

We will be holding an online Workshop for Potential Applicants on Fri 5th April at 12 noon and strongly advise any applicants thinking about applying to us to attend this (see bottom of the Grants web page to sign up for this workshop).

For questions regarding Impact100 WA’s guidelines or process, you may email grants[at]impact100wa.org.au. If our team have questions about your Application, we will contact you. Impact100 WA is committed to a fair, unbiased process. We do not accept unsolicited communication related to topics other than questions about the guidelines or application process. Due to the ever-changing makeup of membership and committee involvement, any advice given might actually be invalid and misleading into the next year. Therefore we do not offer subjective feedback.

Should we include brochures, newsletters, videos etc with the initial application?

No. Only send the information specifically requested.

The funding we need for our proposal is greater than $100,000. Can we still submit a proposal?

Yes. You must identify the additional funding sources when answering the question on budget.

Can we apply for an amount less than $100,000?

No. Impact100 WA is looking for proposals that use the full $100,000 grant.

Can we apply as part of a collaboration with another organisation?

Yes. However, one of the collaborating organisations must be the “lead organisation” applying on behalf of the collaboration as if it were an individual organisation. The lead organisation must be willing to take on all the potential rights, responsibilities, restrictions, and liabilities of the entire grant if the grant is awarded.

What is meant by ‘most recent audited/reviewed financial statements’?

Financial statements are your full financial accounts that include P & L, Balance Sheet, Cashflow statement and Notes to the Accounts where available.

What are some of the most common application errors?

  • More than one application submitted from an organisation.
  • Organisation is not registered as Deductible Gift Recipient (Item 1) or does not have Tax Concession Status with the ATO.
  • Proposed initiative does not benefit Western Australia.
  • Organisation has been operating less than 36 months.
  • Organisation has a turnover less than $100,000 or greater than $5,000,000.
  • Organisation requested less than the full grant amount.
  • Financial information is missing.
  • Funds would be used for debt reduction for any purpose.
  • Organisation does not demonstrate sustainability beyond the funding.
  • Grant is for an individual.
  • Grant is for partisan, legislative or political activity.
  • Proposed support requires participation in activities of a particular faith, denomination or religion in order to benefit from the project or program.

Assessment Questions

What happens after we turn in our grant application?

We accept your Application into one of our five Focus Areas. Each Focus Area has a assessment group made up of Impact100 WA donors. These groups review and evaluate the applications, and for those long-listed, bring them to a wider group of our donors at the Initial Assessment Evening where the short-list will be created. Those that make it to the short-list will be invited to complete a Full Application and we will organise a site visit, to select the finalists. All Impact100 donors receive information on the finalists’ proposals and are invited to attend the Grant Awards Event where they will vote for their favourite(s).

What happens with Site Visits?

For those organisations that have been invited to participate, a mutually convenient date and time is set for a small group of our donors to physically visit to meet the people involved in the organisation in order to clarify points and get a feel for the organisation.

Do we need to provide handouts, demonstrations or refreshments for the site visit attendees?

We welcome amplifying information such as brochures or reports and, if applicable, a demonstration of your organisation at work but we discourage the provision of refreshments. We do also request a space where we can briefly discuss our findings at the end of the visit.

What happens at the Grant Awards Event?

The usual process is for the selected finalists to make 5 minute presentations about their proposals. Impact100 WA donors vote by individual ballot and that vote determines the grant recipients. Grant winners are announced at the Grant Awards Event.

What are some of the reasons applications may not be selected as finalists?

Other applications may be stronger or more appealing to our donors.

Proposed initiative may not demonstrate the ability to fully expend the grant funds or complete the initiative within the two year timeframe.
The application does not show how it will be funded after the end of the grant.
A competing organisation may be filling a similar need to the proposed initiative.
Application is unclear and poorly written.
The proposed budget is not clear or well-defined.
The proposal does not fall within the scope of the focus area as defined on the application.
The not-for-profit organisation lacks a proven record of success or a strong, diverse board of directors.

After Grants are Awarded

How does Impact100 WA oversee the distribution of grant funds?

We issue a Grant Agreement letter which stipulates that the recipient agrees to use the funds in accordance with the budget on their grant request and Impact100 WA’s procedures.

What reports are required after receiving a grant?

Impact100 WA is a sub-fund of the Australian Communities Foundation and they require that all grant recipients provide 12-monthly progress reports as well as completing an Acquittal report once all funds have been received.

How does Impact100 WA disburse the grant funds?

Impact100 WA distributes grants in installments depending on the nature of the proposal.

What is the time period for spending the grant funds?

Winning organisations have 24 months to expend the funds.

What else is expected of grant winners?

We hold donor events throughout the year and past recipients of grants are invited to come and share their stories as inspiration and information for current and potential donors. We also ask the recipients of $100,000 grants to return to the Grant Awards Dinner in the following year to update donors on progress since winning the grant.

Conflict of Interest Questions

Can you be a donor to Impact100 WA if you work for an applying organisation?

Yes! You can even participate in and vote at assessment meetings, although you must leave the room during the review of your organisation’s application.

Can you be a donor of Impact100 WA if you are on the board of an applying organisation?

Yes! You can even participate in and vote at assessment meetings, but you must leave the room during the review of your organisation’s application.