In October 2022 Trillion Trees happily convinced our donors to grant them $100,000 for their SPROUT Schools Program. This is their update for May 2024

What program did the grant funds support?

The grant enabled the expansion of the SPROUT! school program which re-connects our next generation with creating and maintaining a healthy planet.


Over 300 children have engaged in SPROUT! propagation activities during term one and term two of 2024. We have completed incursions at a range of public and private schools across the Perth Metro area, working with children from age 9 to 16. During each school incursion, we have delivered an informative presentation about the importance of trees and completed potting on and division activities with a wide range of endemic species.

The children have been hugely enthusiastic about working with the plants and getting their hands dirty under the guidance of the Trillion Trees Australia team. We have recruited a team of enthusiastic volunteers to support staff members to deliver the incursions, and provided the schools with plant care information leaflets to underpin the activity. In most cases, schools are growing on their plants for planting out in their school grounds over Winter.

We also attended the Darlington Community Garden Nature Play Day during the April school holidays, providing a potting on activity which was popular with parents and children from the surrounding hills area. This was a great example of community connection and engagement, raising the profile of Trillion Trees Australia in the local area and educating young people about the value of trees and native plants.