12 Buckets are helping local school children flourish

12 Buckets took away one of our $100,000 in November 2023 and have provided this update in May 2024

What program did the grant funds support?

The grant funds have been directed into their program that provides a safe space and connection for students at Balga Senior High School who are at risk or are from socio-economically disadvantaged backgrounds.

Balga is the first high school offering their program and is fed by 5 feeder primary schools in the area where 12 Buckets already operate. This means that children can continue to engage with 12 Buckets and feel a sense of security and safety as they transition from primary to high school.


There are officially 40 students in the mentor program which is now at capacity from referrals. During the sessions they simply have fun in a safe space. This translates to feeling more comfortable in the classroom when they are not in such a defensive head space and can engage better in schoolwork. The kids start as very inward focused and thinking ‘What’s in it for me?’. Within 6-8 weeks, they go from being insular and withdrawn, to beginning to open up and show others a bit more about themselves. They play board games, do some painting and, a big drawcard, there is always food available!

The Future

12 Buckets are working towards funding and expanding the program to other schools at the end of 2025.

To learn more about 12 Buckets you can visit: https://12buckets.org/