5 Great Finalists for 2021

We always knew it was going to be tough to choose between them but the beauty of collective giving is that it’s a group decision. We provide the information we’ve gleaned through site visits and reading applications and then each donor votes according to what they feel is important.

Last week’s Assessment Evening was damp but the weather doesn’t stop our intrepid donors! Over 50 of us gathered to discuss the merits and risks of ten great proposals –

  • who/what will they benefit,
  • why are they important,
  • what will be their outcomes (both short- and long-term),
  • are they likely to be able to keep it running beyond our grant
  • and more.

After this intense session we needed a quick refuelling break before the fun of voting began. We replaced the interesting but slightly cumbersome and time-consuming method of counting hands with some quite straight-forward technology which made us feel very professional!

So, without further ado, (and in reverse alphabetical order for a change), we are delighted to announce the following five organisations as our Finalists for 2021:

Trillion Trees – Healing Australia’s Wheatbelt, one tree at a time

Special Olympics WA – Inclusive Sport in Schools and Communities WA

Family Inclusion Network WA – Peer-led Self-Advocacy Workshops

Cycling Without Age – More Rides, More People, More Places

Arts Law – Artists in the Black – Wills and Intestacy

For more information on these five proposed initiatives, have a read here.

They will get to present their case in person at our 2021 Grant Awards Dinner on 26th October…

… and then we have to choose all over again.