Impact100 WA Awareness Day 2021

This is BIG and we need your help!

Impact100 WA changes how we lift up and transform our community by harnessing the power of collective giving

Wednesday 10th March

has been designated as

Impact100 WA Awareness Day

With your help we can gather even more members, so that in 2021 we can give THREE grants of $100,000 to our remarkable community. Imagine the difference $100,000 would mean to a local not-for-profit. It is transformational, and you can help others to be part of it.

The idea is to create a bit of a media storm all about Impact100 WA – what it does, who it helps, why it’s important, who can get involved and how – in order to secure more donors and make a bigger difference.

More people involved  =  more grants  =  more not-for-profits doing great work in our community

Below we have laid out several very simple ways that you can

Help spread the word TODAY

We would love it if you could please do at least one of them. But don’t hold back – if you want to tackle them all, don’t be shy!

  1. Invite a friend or colleague to accompany you to the Kickstart Evening on Wednesday 17th March. (There is the added incentive of seeing Form’s amazing ‘Relics’ Lego show). Here’s the link to the invitation.
  2. Send an email to at least one friend/colleague to tell them what you are involved in, why you love it and how they, too, should be part of it. You can include our newly created ‘Summary Sheet‘ that tells the whole story in a couple of pages.
  3. Check out our post on Facebook and share it on your timeline.
  4. Share our LinkedIn post, use our hashtags (#impact100wa #impact100 #collectivegiving #tranformativegrants) and invite your connections to get involved.
  5. Send us the name, email and phone number of someone you think might be interested. Email Lauren at info[@]
Also, any day is a good day to do this

For more information about Impact100 WA, please complete the form below: