We have our top 9 Finalists

Presenting to a full house

Last Wednesday we held our only Assessment Evening for this year (we’ve compressed the timeline as we respond to Covid-19) and had a record turnout. We hope that’s because our donors are even more engaged this year, but suspect it might have something to do with the fact that no-one can be anywhere else!

We had 16 applications to discuss and our trusty Focus Area Co-chairs did a great job of presenting the perceived strengths and weaknesses as determined through site visits and reference checks.

All 16 were strong contenders which left us with some hard choices to make but the voting process worked its magic and we have our nine finalists:

#BlueRoomTheatre #CARAD #DarlingRangeWildlifeShelter #Dismantle #FairGame #IsharMulitculturalWomensHealth #Kalparrin #Midlas #ZontaHouseRefugeAssoc

Check out our 2020 Finalists page for more info on these organisations and their proposals.